Schwinn 1971 Suburban (step-thru)
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Warranty Manta-Ray
Index Krates
Paramount T19 / Paramount T22 Fastback / Deluxe Sting-Ray / Sting-Ray
Twinn / Deluxe Twinn Midget Sting-Ray / Sting-Ray Jr. / Lil' Chik
Paramount P14 Slik Chik / Fair Lady
Paramount P13-9 / Paramount P15-9 Stardust
Proper Fit Chart Captain Kangaroo
Sports Tourer Heavy-Duti / Hollywood / Typhoon
Cycle Gearing Chart Models to Choose From
Ride Better and Have More Fun On a Bike That Fits Typhoon 24" / Hollywood 24" / Breeze 24"
Super Sport Typhoon 20" / Hollywood 20"
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Varsity Sport Sting-Ray Pixie / Lil' Tiger
Suburban There is a reason
Collegiate Tourist / Collegiate Sport Neighborhood Schwinn Cyclery
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Neighborhood Factory Authorized Dealer Paint 'n Polish
Varsity Sport (step-thru) / Super Sport (step-thru) Customize Your New Schwinn Sting-Ray ... It's easy
Suburban (step-thru) Bike Safety Starts With Proper Equipment
Breeze / Collegiate Tourist (step-thru) Carriers, Locks and Miscellaneous
Deluxe Exerciser Bags, Baskets and Baby Seats
Town & Country Tri-Wheeler Back Cover