Schwinn 1978 Sting-Ray BX / Mini-Scrambler
Cover Hornet / Tornado
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Paramount Typhoon / Hollywood
Paramount T32-9 / Paramount T29-9 Caliente 24"
Paramount P15-9 / Paramount P10-9 / Paramount P65-9 / Paramount P60-9 Varsity 24"
Paramount P13-9 Speedster 24" / Breeze 24"
Paramount P14 Typhoon 20" / Hollywood 20"
Why Gears? Sting-Ray / Sting-Ray Jr.
Volare Fair Lady / Lil' Chik
Super Le Tour Bantam / Pixie II
Superior Sting-Ray Pixie II / Lil' Tiger
Le Tour III Unicycles
Traveler III Town & Country Tri-Wheeler
No other bike is made like a Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser
Continental II ergoMetric Exerciser
Caliente Generator Sets
Varsity Lights, Mirrors and Sting-Ray Seats
Metro-Cycle Bike Care Products
Proper Bicycle Fit & Adjustment Cables, Chains and Locks
Suburban Bags, Baskets and Carriers
Collegiate Sport Bells and Horns
Collegiate Tourist Riding Aids for the Beginner
Sprint Automobile Carriers
Sportabout Touring Accessories
Speedster / Breeze Accessories
Deluxe Twinn / Deluxe Twinn Sport BMX Parts and Accessories
SX-1000 / SX-100 Pumps and Tire Care
Scrambler Tires
Scrambler 36-36 / Mag Scrambler Back Cover
Sting-Ray BX / Mini-Scrambler